Pacific Health Counselling & Consulting is proud to present Life in Equilibrium, a series of informative public workshops. This series is intended for a lay audience and focuses on important mental-health and wellness issues facing our communities. All workshops are delivered by a mental-health professional and consist of didactic as well as experiential components.

Although there is growing interest in mental-health and wellness issues, there is a dearth of reliable information within the public domain. Pacific Health Counselling & Consulting launched Life in Equilibrium in order to educate the public about important mental-health and wellness issues. In addition to disseminating information, Life in Equilibrium serves as a forum for enlightened discussion and draws attention to various resources available within our communities.

You are encouraged to visit this website regularly for information on our upcoming public workshops.    

Pacific Health

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An Investment in knowledge

pays the best Interest. 

​-- Benjamin Franklin (1706 - 1790)

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